Saturday, July 14, 2012

Windsor, CT

I loved downtown Windsor, CT, maybe because it was the first place I live on my own. In college I had roommates then I got married right out of college so in 2004 when I moved to Windsor was I living alone for the first time in my life. I think the first place you live alone is special. Like where you grew up or the towns your children were born in or the first house you bought. Anyway back to Windsor, CT.

My Apartment
Windsor's main street was Broad Street, from there you could go anywhere as this street sign indicated!

The buildings on Broad street were typical New England.

Masonic Hall

Town Hall

Post Office
CVS was on Broad Street and the Windsor Public Library. I found a lovely diner, Dom's that I visited for breakfast at least twice a week. The waitresses new I wanted my tea with milk and kept bringing me hot water until I finished the newspaper. A piece of Maine was on Broad Street as well. The local ice cream shop sold Gifford's Ice Cream. Gifford's is the best ice cream in the world. Better than Ben & Jerry's. Although they are in Skowhegan and not Madison, Gifford's Ice Cream still tastes like home. 

Bart's Antique Auto Night
Bart's was a local drive in that expanded to an eat in restaurant as well. Bart's was located down by the river and once a month they had an antiques auto show.

If you are ever in Connecticut, north of Hartford, you should go to Broad Street in Windsor for a taste of a New England town.

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