7/5/2006 Brief bio

Madison, Maine is my home town. I lived there, at 76 Madison Ave, until I went to Gordon College in 1976. Fell in love with Boston and the North Shore while I was at Gordon. My junior year at Gordon I spent the summer in Jerusalem studying Hebrew, Jewish history and culture. I also spent one month on a dig in Lachish. I think that's where my love of travel began. We traveled frequently when I was a child and my mom always made it fun but my trip to Israel was my adult realization that I liked traveling. I almost stayed and lived on a kibbutzim but practicality won out!

I got married in March 1980 and had Rebecca in November 1981; Elizabeth followed 2 years later in November 1983. 

We moved a few times then settled back on the North Shore in Hamilton. I worked at Gordon at the library circulation desk and decided to return to university for my Master's degree in Library Science. In 1990 I was awarded my Masters of Library and Information Sciences from Simmons Graduate School of Library Sciences.

We decided to move south due to the cost of living. I worked at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS for three years. We decided to return to New England. I worked at Quinnipiac University for three years. Then I started my 14 year tenure at Newington Public Library.

I divorced in 2004. Felt like I wanted to do something different. I began taking photography classes and thinking about traveling. In the fall of 2006 I was read an article in the Hartford Courant telling about the Peace Corps looking for older volunteers. Telling the benefits of older people serving in a foreign country. I considered the possibility for a few months then decided to apply.

I spent three years in Ghana, West Africa teaching High School and Junior High School students ICT (Information and Communications Technology). They took to computers like fish take to water. Loved my time in Ghana. You can read the blog about my experiences at 1person.

I am currently living in Austin, Texas with my best friend from High School.

My third love, reading, may also poke its head into this blog every once in a while too. When I can't travel in person I love to armchair travel.

In this blog I will combine my two loves - photography and travel.  I have roamed about quite a bit since 2004. I will share photographs from my past and future travels here in this blog.



Canon Rebel T2i 18MP Body Black Digital SLR 4462B001

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