Thursday, July 12, 2012

Green Leaves

Sometimes the flora was overwhelming. This plant was on the back path from my house to the administration building at the school in Sandema.One day the sun lit it up and I just had to snap it. 


These plants were used as ornamental plants in Sandema. They greeted me at the door of my house in Sandema. They lined the foundation of the administration building. These plants were one of the few decorative touches in the harsh Upper East. 

These berries grew on a bush that my landlord used to mark the boundary of his yard. 

I was walking out in "the bush" one afternoon and found an almost dried up pond. This plant was growing all over the dried up area.

Okro (Okra) flower. 
Before I went to Ghana I hated okra-the only time I would eat it is in Gumbo. Well there are very few green veggies in Ghana so I learned to eat okro, their name for okra.  I learned to love Tee Zed and okro stew. 

The first time I saw an okra flower I was enchanted. It was so delicate and rose like. Something so beautiful on something that for so long I disliked!

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