Monday, July 9, 2012

Hill-Stead Museum - Farmington, CT

I took a photography class at the Farmington Valley Arts Center, the teacher was Eric Dreeke, alas they no longer offer photography classes but Eric does! Eric took the class on a field trip to the Hill-Stead Museum.

Typical New England stone wall, covered in ivy on a foggy day.

A fellow photographer left his bag here. I loved the bright red and then the echo of red in the reflector on the bridge.

The Hill-Stead is also used for functions and parties. Many wedding photographs have been posed in front of this gazebo.

The Hill-Stead was finished in 1901. Alfred Pope purchased the land and Theodate, his wife, was an architect and she designed the Hill-Stead. The Hill-Stead was a working farm that was recognized as a model of agricultural practices. In 1946 Theodate Pope Riddle dies and creates the Hill-Stead Museum in her will.

Hill-Stead Museum website.


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