Thursday, July 5, 2012

Student Portraits - SSHTS

Sandema Senior High Technical School (SSHTS) students marching on 6th March.

Student athletics takes place during the hottest time of the year. This girl ran the 200 yard dash. She ran all out and just fell to the ground after she finished. She was fine after she lay there for a few minutes and had some water.

Sandema's uniform is a white top and a yellow pleated skirt. Luckily for the girls at SSHTS the uniform rules were not so strict as to tell how many pleats. In some schools this amount of pleats would be considered immodest.  Holding hands is very common between people of the same sex, as a sign of friendship,  in fact much more common than between the opposite sex. Public displays of affection between a man and a woman are frowned upon in Ghana.

The results of a Home Economics practical - Creme Brulee. Made on a coal pot in carnation condensed milk tins.

Three Form 3 (Senior) boys. Whenever I had my camera everyone would say "Madam Vicky take my picture."

These student's think that they might like to join the army. This group is like our ROTC. The student cadets patrol the school grounds during special events like athletics meets.

Students would come to visit me and cook supper for us. Like any institution the school food was marginal at best. Here Portia is stirring Tee Zed on a coal pot. Rofina was making ground nut (peanut) soup with chicken to serve with the Tee Zed. We at it out of a common bowl and dipped the forefinger and ring finger of our right hand in to scoop some Tee Zed and soup, then into our mouths. I do miss Tee Zed.

Masters and a Madam counting votes for the election of school prefects. Like Harry Potter Ghana schools are based on the English system. Student leaders are elected from the Junior (Form 2) class for the next year. At SSHTS there were about 32 prefect positions. Sixteen boys and 16 girls are elected to position like - agricultural prefect, house prefect, sports prefect, health prefect and the most coveted position, Boys Prefect and Girls Prefect. They are the leaders of the other prefects and the school.

The computer lab at SSHTS where I taught Form 3 and Form 2 ICT (Information and Communications Technology). I would say at least 70 percent of the students had not used a computer before but High School students take to computers like fish take to water!  Some of them keep in touch with my on Facebook!


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  1. I love your pictures of Ghana life; it takes me back. Deep sigh!