Thursday, June 28, 2012

March Pass on 6th March

Sandema Senior High Technical School girls marching on 6th March. 6th March is Ghana's Independence Day. Ghana was the first African nation to gain their independence, on 6th March 1957. Like Independence day it is celebrated every year. The schools send teams of boys and girls to the regional capitol to March pass the dignitaries of the region. Unlike our independence Ghana never fired a shot to become independent of their British colonizers. Kwame Nkruma was the architect of this independence and Ghana's first elected President. 

For two weeks before the March pass teachers train students to march. The best students then are chosen to go the the regional capitol, where all other schools from Primary to Senior High School send their teams to march as well.  Kids love to do it because after waiting for hours in the hot sun and marching they are given a  Kalipo fruit drink, like Juicy Juice boxed juices in USA, and some biscuits, cookies!

Some schools,the girls,  will wave handkerchiefs as they walk past the dignitary stand. Boys will often do an elaborate salute and turn to face the dignitaries. 

Field Marshall at the Sandema, Upper East Region, Ghana - 6th March, 2009, celebration. .

Chief from a nearby village attending the Sandema, Upper East Region, Ghana - 6th March, 2009, celebration.


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