Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Granite Falls Near Jackson Hole Wyoming

The year after my divorce my brother, Jack Sevison, let me use his time share in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I asked Helen Aveline if she wanted to go with me and she quickly agreed. A few days later I talking about the trip in the Collection Management Department and Kathie Merlino said she loves to travel - so I invited her along!

Finding this waterfall was one of our Wyoming adventures.

I love waterfalls and I found this waterfall in the guidebook. So one morning we took the guidebook and I took my camera. We followed three state highways then saw signs for Granite Creek - down a dirt road. We had a moments concern due to our rental car but we figured how bad could it be if it's in a guidebook.

The dirt road was 11 miles long! It was muddy. There were potholes big enough to swallow a buffalo. If I remember correctly, I think at one point more than half of the road was washed out. Yet the three musketeers journeyed on in search of the waterfall.

One very muddy car and 11 miles later we found the waterfall.

Helen has a photograph of me taking this photograph. My derriere may be in that photo as I believe in taking photographs in any position but standing. I think I was laying over some roots of a tree and hanging over the bank of Granite Creek to get this shot!

I thought it was completely worth it!

The rental car was fine after we gave it a shower in a car wash.

Thanks gals for a great vacation in Wyoming!


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